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Political Legal Risk Analysis and Government Relations
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Political-Legal Risk Analysis and Government Relations

Understanding political and economic scenarios in the region allows us to anticipate changes in the legal framework and determine the impact of these changes on the
business cycle. This is why our firm offers services of Political and Legal Risk Analysis. We are, to the best of our knowledge, the only law firm in Argentina that offers
this kind of service.

Mr. Carlos Alfaro’s experience and interest in politics position him in a great viewpoint from which to analyze political scenarios and their accompanying economic waves.
Clients worldwide have praised this advice.

  Carlos E. Alfaro has been described by clients as "an excellent communicator who
  is always abreast of market developments and keeps clients similarly up-to-date
  Chambers and Partners Global, 2010)                           



Legal Risk analysis is deemed to be a key element for decision-making indirect and financial investment. It is part of our firm’s culture to provide our clients with insightful forecasts of the regional environment.   We believe that this tool is key to any investment or transaction in any country.

Mr. Alfaro has also accumulated an invaluable knowledge in Government Contracts and the regulatory issues involved. His long-standing career representing national and multinational corporations, lending institutions and banks have made him a referent in the legal circles.

Of particular importance is the fact that this experience represents more than thirty years of legal practice in different economic and legal environments (inflation, hyperinflation, deflation, major devaluations, currency boards, etc.) and governments in which risk allocation and protection require legal, economic and political expertise.

Carlos E. Alfaro has chaired on "Successful Business Strategies and Sectors
in Argentina" in a conference organized by the British Argentine Chambers of

Commerce (BACC) (Oct 2010, London)

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