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Carlos Miguez - Labor and Employment

Mr. Miguez has experience both in the public and private practice of labor law. He worked for the Labor Court of the City of Buenos Aires from 1984 to 1991 and for Moltedo Law Firm from that year to 2002 before becoming a partner in Alfaro-Abogados.

Dr. Miguez has broad experience in providing labor advice to local and international corporations in Argentina for more than thirty years. He has collaborated with different labor and human resources publications and lectured in several business associations such as the Chamber of Small and Medium-size companies of Pilar industrial park, Buenos Aires Province, in which he is a member of the Board of Directors and in the Argentine Chamber of Commerce where he is a member of the Labor Law Commission


Under his coordination, our law firm provides the following services:

1. Analysis of potential situations of conflict.

2. Support and advice on the planning and implementation of Human Resources policies in restructuration and reorganization process (reductions or resizing of employees, outsourcing, redefinition of compensation plans, implementation of pension plans, stock options plans).

3. Creation and review of internal rules.

4. Drafting of confidential and non- compete for agreements.

5. Participation in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, assistance in collective conflicts and representation of companies before labor unions.

6. Legal counseling on new types of labor agreements, drafting of labor agreements, registration before public entities, drafting of legal notices of suspensions and other sanctions, terminations, etc.

7. Drafting and execution of settlement agreements before the Labor Ministry, Undersecretaries and local agencies, and/or notary publics.

8. Representation before the Labor Ministry at National and Local levels.

9. Initiation, follow up and the culmination of administrative filings.

10. Initiation, follow up and the culmination of judicial claims before National or Local Labor Courts.

11. Filing of appeals before the National Chamber of Appeals, Local Superior Courts and Supreme Court of Justice.

12. Opposition to preliminary attachments and preventive remedies related to claims based on termination, salary differences, labor illnesses or accidents, etc.

13. Legal counseling on a matter related to labor accidents and labor risks, prevention, optimization of insurance coverage, analysis of claims and medical opinions, auditing and of medical records, liquidation and filings for reimbursements for labor disabilities. 

14. Legal counseling and arrangements related to expats employees.

15. Participation in audits (due diligence) in corporate reorganizations and acquisitions 


Mr. Miguez has gained a wide experience as an advisor in Labor and Corporate Law for many leading companies such as Aguas Argentinas S.A., Du Pont Argentina S.A., Loma Negra C.I.A.S.A., Bodegas Esmeralda S.A., Vidrería Argentina S.A., Heladerías Freddo S.A., Whynet Euro RSCG, Interaction S.A., among others.

Moreover, within his specialization in Labor Law, Mr. Miguez has acquired a wide expertise advising on the subjects of conflict resolution. 


Member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association

Member of the San Isidro Bar Association

Member of the Argentine Association of Labor Law and Social Security

Member of the Argentine Association of Human Resources.

Practice Areas:

Labour Law,

Union Collective Bargaining Agreements

Corporate Advice. 

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