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Compliance & Data Protection

Alfaro Abogados has a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of seasoned experts deeply specialized in Compliance, Ethics, Data & Protection and Anti-corruption services to assist our corporate, finance and industry related legal services. We are committed to empowering our clients by providing guidance in developing, implementing, and maintaining rigorous ethical standards throughout their organizations and supply chains. We excel in addressing the complex aspects of incorporation, regulatory compliance, and risk assessment, safeguarding enterprises against potential pitfalls and ensuring their steadfast commitment to ethical business practices. Our services include:


Sabrina Faraone | Associate

Sabrina Faraone | Associate


Eloisa Guevara Linch |  Associate

Eloisa Guevara Linch | Associate


Compliance program development and implementation

We help organizations develop and implement tailored compliance programs that meet their specific needs and risks. Our programs align with international best practices and industry standards, ensuring that your organization is well-positioned to manage compliance risks and avoid costly penalties.

Regulatory compliance

We help organizations stay up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations and ensure that they are in full compliance. Our team monitors regulatory changes and provides guidance on how to implement them effectively.


We help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to corruption. Our services include developing and implementing anti-corruption policies and procedures, conducting anti-corruption audits, and providing training on anti-corruption laws and regulations.

Ethics training and awareness

We provide ethics training and awareness programs to help employees understand and uphold ethical standards in the workplace. Our programs cover a wide range of topics, including conflicts of interest, bribery, fraud, and workplace harassment.

Risk assessment

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify and prioritize compliance risks. Our assessments consider all aspects of an organization’s operations, including its supply chain and distribution networks.

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