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Alfaro-Abogados is an industry-focus business-oriented law firm founded in 1998 to participate as a player in international transactions, providing legal advice to local and foreign clients doing business in Argentina.

Practice: Government relations, regulatory issues, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, oil and gas, energy, mining, infrastructure, real estate, private equity investment funds, capital markets, trade and aircraft finance, banking, insolvency, restructuring, arbitration, labour and international transactions and transparency regulations.

Understanding the business of our clients is part of our knowledge: Our members have advised multinational corporations in international private transactions and in major public projects assisting its clients in designing the best strategy, engineering and implementing the most convenient legal structure of the transaction in an expedient and efficient manner.

Negotiation skills: Our members are trained and accustomed to negotiate on behalf of their clients. Their capacity to understand the different cultural, working and business patterns of the parties involved in an international transaction is one of their main assets.

Experience: The law firm represents major players in a variety of industries such as banks, automobile, aircrafts, pharmaceuticals, private equity funds, food producers, wineries, health care, oil and gas, mining, infrastructure projects thus covering a wide spectrum of business activities.

M&A and antitrust: Alfaro-Abogados is one of the leading firms in M&A and antitrust. It has participated in multiple deals representing the largest buyout funds and strategic investors operating in Argentina.

Energy, oil and gas and mining: We provide advice in concessions and regulatory matters including permits, environmental issues, transportation, distribution, trading and marketing of hydrocarbons and minerals, and import of exploration equipment. The firm was involved in the largest acquisition of oil and gas concessions by a foreign company in Argentina.

Large infrastructure projects: We provided advice to companies participating in PPP projects in the financing structure for the construction of large projects.

Private equity and buyout: The firm has traditionally represented local private equity funds and has been involved in numerous acquisitions on behalf of foreign PEI funds and strategic investors. It is recognised as a premier law firm in this field.

Corporate governance, transparency and compliance: The firm provides legal risk analysis advice on political legal changes and crippling regulations that could affect the business of foreign companies in Argentina, foreign corrupt practices and corporate manuals.

Business and industry-oriented law firm: Our lawyers are active in the main business associations of the industries of our clients and aware of the issues affecting its activities.

Banking, finance and trade finance: We developed a niche in the market as experts in finance matters in different areas: public and private finance, including export and import finance; aircraft finance, representing international clients.

International trade, distribution, agency and commercial agreements: We provide advice on international trade, commercial agreements, distribution, agency and sales agreements and protection of vested interests at termination.

Expatriates, international transfer of personnel and local employment: The firm advises on foreign expatriates’ compensation and social security issues, visa and working permits, collective bargaining negotiations and labour litigation.

Protection of intellectual property rights: Licensing, registration and judicial protection.

Tax, customs and competition: The firm provides advice in tax planning for local and international transactions, customs and dumping.

Litigation, arbitration and mediation: Besides litigation we act as neutral and party arbitrator and mediators before local

Alfaro-Abogados organization has been formed for the purposes of providing innovative legal solutions to the increasingly complicated transactions of today’s global economy: cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, competition and antitrust, project finance, structured global finance, securitization of assets and receivables from different jurisdictions, financial leasing, corporate reorganization affecting subsidiaries in other countries, concessions, regulatory compliance, international construction projects, turnkey projects, distribution agreements, tax planning and establishing strategic alliances, among other international transactions.

To successfully complete these transactions, companies have learned that they need advice and counsel from an organization with worldwide resources and experience in similar dealings.

The members of Alfaro-Abogados organization have advised and represented multinational corporations in international private transactions as well as in the negotiation of major public projects with Government Agencies. They have also presented papers and given lectures before numerous trade and professional associations in the United States, Europe and South America. Our members are fluent in the languages spoken at the main investors’ countries and most of them have worked and studied in different jurisdictions, achieving the technical and business expertise necessary to understand the industry and the economics of the transaction involved.

Our members are trained and accustomed to negotiate on behalf of their clients. Their capacity to understand the different cultural, working and business patterns of the parties involved in an international transaction is one of their main assets, a key feature in the efficient and expedient implementation of the client’s objectives.

Alfaro-Abogados moreover assists its clients in designing the best strategy when negotiating deals, engineering the most convenient legal structure and implementing the transaction in an expedient and efficient manner. This helps companies to ensure that potential problems are handled timely and effectively by their management.

We also provide representation in mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), to insure its clients that their companies’ problems are handled in the most cost-effective and confidential manner. Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms have become a very useful instrument for multinational corporations to resolve constructively their disputes without disrupting their business.

Furthermore, we pay careful consideration to conflict of interest and confidentiality issues, foreign corrupt practices regulations and international billing practices, for the security of its clients.

Alfaro-Abogados therefore meets the criteria required by today’s business environment by providing an expedient, practical but secure and solid problem solving legal advice as well as the cross-cultural and legal experience required for international transactions in a global economy.
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