Alfaro-Abogado s  es una organización internacional de oficinas independientes con el compromiso de largo plazo de atender las necesidades de instituciones que brindan asistencia y fondos a personas u organizaciones que promueven el emprendimiento, la inversión en educación y salud, así como la integración cultural y religiosa, así como una forma de mejorar las condiciones sociales, de salud o educativas de las comunidades de América Latina y fomentar la responsabilidad social.

Seleccionamos cuidadosamente las instituciones que mejor se adaptan a estos objetivos: educación, salud, microfinanciamiento para el emprendimiento, responsabilidad social y programas de estudios en el extranjero.

Además de apoyar a estas instituciones con servicios legales, las ayudamos a generar financiamiento de bancos, fondos y personas naturales en Argentina y en el exterior.

"The firm has provided free legal advice to education and health projects that foster social responsability..."

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Sponsored Institutions & Others

Our Women Leaders

Pro Mujer is an international women’s development and microfinance organization whose mission is to provide Latin America’s poor women with the means to build a business through microfinance. Pro Mujer fights poverty by establishing sustainable microfinance organizations that provide an integrated package of financial and human development services that women require to build and improve their small businesses. Pro Mujer also supports the health of its clients and their families and helps women build their self-esteem. The organization also links women and their families with existing resources and services in their communities.

On a similar fashion we provide advice to Reaching U, a foundation that operates in Uruguay. Reaching U is a non for profit organization based in the United States that works with children under poverty level. Since its creation in 2001 the organization has provided assistance to hundreds of children in reaching the possibility of an education at comparable level of more fortunate families. The organization has a team of volunteers in Nueva York, Washington DC, Miami and Montevideo..

It is an international organization that gather women all over the world who wish to mentor and develop successful female leaders. They work though “Circles” Leaning in is not a solo sport. In a world where women still face gender bias and other barriers at work, “Circles” are a safe space to share their experiences, build each other up, and cheer each other on. In Argentina through. Red de Mujeres Líderes Asociacon Civil they help women to achieve their ambitions and work to create an equal world.

We assist on a permanent basis El Samaritano, a foundation created to support schools and hospitals in rural areas in Argentina (mainly Corrientes, Entre Rios, and Mendoza).

Cooperate in projects at Farm Schools, Hospitals, Homes for Homeless children/elderly people, handicapped children/people, people who live under difficult economic situation and people who live in Indigence. In education, it provides grants based exclusively on performance to allow poor primary and high school level students to pursue higher education. It is a merit based scholarship. With respect to hospitals, El Samaritano surveys the hospital near the schools that we assist and find out its primary needs of medical equipment.

It provides cooperation for the development of human resources and corporate responsibility and Latin American art and literature.We have been assisting Foro Ecumenico y Social ( in its quest to promote and develop inter-religious dialogue and the integration of native cultural values in the modern society since its creation.

Access to Study Abroad Programs: we cooperate with universities in Argentina to facilitate the application of their students to internationals study programs abroad.

Collaboration with the World Bank: we provide the WB with information on the legal framework to do business in Argentina for small and medium size companies. Annual Contributor

Business and Social Responsibility: we assist our corporate clients to develop social programs in the communities where they develop and conduct their business on a pro bono basis.

Best Practices Mining Code for First Nations (the “Code”): This resource will benefit Indigenous peoples in British Columbia, Canada and communities world-wide.

Enviromental Mining Education Foundation (EMEF): Alfaro Abogados, advised pro bono in relation to Argentina.

Advocates for International Development (A4ID), a company registered in England & Wales under number 5907641, is a company limited by guarantee. Its registered office is at 24th Floor, The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2RS. A4ID is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, charity number: 1118565.

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