Political Legal Risk Analysis & Government Relations

Legal Risk analysis is deemed to be a key element for decision-making indirect as well as financial investments.

Mr. Carlos Alfaro provides Political-Legal Risk Analysis and Government Relations. His experience and interest in politics position him in a great viewpoint from which to analyze political scenarios and their accompanying economic waves. Clients worldwide have praised this advice. Understanding political and economic scenarios in the region allows us to anticipate changes in the legal framework and determine the impact of these changes on the business cycle.

Mr. Alfaro has also accumulated an invaluable knowledge in Government Contracts and the regulatory issues involved. His long-standing career representing national and multinational corporations, lending institutions and banks have made him a referent in the legal circles.

Of particular importance is the fact that this experience represents more than thirty years of legal practice in different economic and legal environments (inflation, hyperinflation, deflation, major devaluations, currency boards, etc.) and governments in which risk allocation and protection require legal, economic and political expertise.

More than thirty years advising American, European and Chinese companies doing business in Latin America, in countries where political risk analysis is relevant for the success of any investment.

He is an Advisor to boards of directors of corporations or managers of investment funds (private equity and hedge funds). Mr. Alfaro provides regular on-site, conference calls or written presentations to clients on subjects of their interest particularly on regulatory issues affecting or that could affect their operations, repatriation of capital or transfer of dividends/profits. Such situations may occur from political changes in the countries of the client’s interest.

His expertise also covers financing, private equity investments, government bonds, equities, capital markets in general, oil and gas exploration and services, mining, infrastructure, automobile, and aviation. He has advised along with the year’s large corporations and financial institutions in these matters.

He has been member of the Advisory Board of the Council of the Americas, President of the Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Board of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce and of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce, New York State Bar Association, Association of the Bar of the City of New York, all in New York, and of the USA Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. He was also a member of the Foreign Policy Association and has participated in programs of the United States Information Agency.

He has written on the subjects of his expertise both for newspapers as well as for specialized publications and made presentations at different international venues (London, Madrid, Beijing, New York, Washington DC, Houston, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto, Vancouver, Kuala Lampur, San Francisco and Shangai). He has received award recognitions by Chamber, Latin Lawyer, Legal 500, International Financial Law Review and LACCA. Other credentials and expertise can be sent at the request

He is accompanied by a team of dedicated lawyers and counsels.

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International Law Series
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By Carlos Alfaro

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