Statement of practice


Alfaro Abogados has developed extensive experience in performing the necessary filings with the Federal Aviation and other aviation organizations controlled by the state, such as the certification process of new models and engines of aircraft made and approved in different countries Argentina, registration of foreign aircraft, the application permits import and export of aircraft and the registration of mortgage deeds and related documentation. We actively participate in the conduct of judicial and extrajudicial procedures for deregistration and the inauguration foreclosure aircraft under the laws of Argentina, participating in evaluations and audits of the aircraft, before purchase and inspections outside the lease. We have conducted due diligence in relation to the privatization of airports in Argentina.



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Sebastián Rodrigo


Among the most representative clients, Alfaro Abogados lawyers have advised on the aviation industry
Bell Helicopter Textron, Embraer, Bechtel Cessna, Avianca, Enterprises, Atlas Air Austral Lineas Aereas, British Airways, and Westland Ltd. UK
Buenos Aires
New York
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